LET ME DANCE (2017) is a non-narrative aesthetic short film, filmed in the style of a music video that presents the issue of misogyny and ordinary sexism through the dances of shackled women, accompanied by excerpts from the declaration of human rights read by Eleanor Roosevelt in 1948. Directed by Laure Gervais and produced by SisterArt non-profit organisation.

SisterArt deals with the cold violence to which women are subjected in their daily lives through six portraits. They improvise a dance constrained by a gesture that symbolizes the emotional shackles they feel. Cold violence is existential suffering, more or less great, little or not visible but felt on a daily basis and which contains a sexist character.


  • Production SisterArt non-profit organisation
  • Author Laure Gervais
  • Director Laure Gervais
  • Images Lucas Ruyssen
  • Editing Nicholas Blasband
  • Original soundtrack Frédéric Bourton
  • Length: 9:30 minutes
  • Creation: November 2017
  • Voice over : English / Subtitles : French
  • Protagonists : Inès Cera, Catherine Nowak, Tina Riccardi, Annette Sachs, Mathilde Schennen and Sonia Sukama


  • Festival Short Screen #109, Cinema AVENTURE, Brussels, 2021
  • Best movie on women, Calcutta International Film festival, India, 2019
  • International day of women rights, BELSPO, Brussels, 2018
  • Première of the Démocraties & us festival, La Vénerie, Brussels, 2017
SisterArt asbl Non profit organisation