Artist collective since 2009

SisterArt is a Belgian non-profit organisation composed by a collective of artists founded in 2009

SisterArt creates in various areas such as theatre & performance, videography & visual arts. Our artistic quest is grounded in a psychological and spiritual fields. We search for psycho-social alienations and conditionings and put them into light, themes often related to oppression, submission, diktats… 

We do work on subconsciousness to let another reality emerge : 

dreams, poetry, psycho-magic.

Our artistic reviews (French only) aim at initiating our public to contemporary art, to awaken the critical sense by a sensitive lighting, to enroll in a current of Total Art, while moving away from an imperative cultural consumption. Our chronicles are guided by our feelings and our artist's eyes. Finally, we advocate a return to poetry and creativity in our Western societies.


Donate for Art

We self-produce our creations and mostly rely on crowdfunding, on the help of generous patrons to support our productions.

How to support art & culture in Belgium and Europe? 

Your donations allow SisterArt non-profit association to create artistic performances, publish chronicles on artists and support Belgian institutions - museums, galleries, foundations - independent or not. 

Our specificity ? We are artists supporting artists, aiming at developing new perspectives.

Our characteristic ? We explore the psychoanalytic themes and reveal conditionings, committed to improve the understanding of our thought systems and behaviors that create our tomorrows. Probably to try to improve humanity ! If possible…