Artist collective since 2009

SisterArt is a Belgian non-profit organisation composed by a collective of artists founded in 2009

SisterArt is a collective of multidisciplinary artists founded in 2009 by visual artist Laure Gervais and actress and dramatic Art teacher, Catherine Nowak. The collective aims at combining its passion for visual arts and performing arts.

SisterArt creates and produces within those two areas, in a surrealistic baroque genre. With their creations, SisterArt express itself mainly, not only, around feminine subjects. The main goal of the association is to reveal alienations and behavioral conditionings.

From experimental videos to art house short movies, from scenography to multimedia installations, SisterArt write drama plays and compose sound artworks. Finally, SisterArt collective is also publisher of artistic chronicles aiming at awakening critical thinking and initiating to contemporary art.


Donate for Art

We self-produce our creations and mostly rely on crowdfunding, on the help of generous patrons to support our productions.

How to support art & culture in Belgium and Europe? 

Your donations allow SisterArt non-profit association to create artistic performances, publish chronicles on artists and support Belgian institutions - museums, galleries, foundations - independent or not. 

Our specificity ? We are artists supporting artists, aiming at developing new perspectives.

Our characteristic ? We explore the psychoanalytic themes and reveal conditionings, committed to improve the understanding of our thought systems and behaviors that create our tomorrows. Probably to try to improve humanity ! If possible…