DIKTATS (of beauty)


Performance in micro-movements and creation of a Concept Box : The performance is composed by obsessive repetitive gestures and reveals obsessions and automatisms, conscious and subconscious conditionings.

Red Faces©LaureGervais
Red Faces©LaureGervais

The performance is composed by obsessive repetitive gestures on the one hand: - the cutting of instruments images printed on paper and deposit of instruments in the Concept Box.

Increase in volume in a pile of instruments and thereby increase its emptiness of the repetitive gestures.

- At the same time, repetition of a symbolic gesture: application of the lipstick and make-up removal of the lips. Putting it on, putting it out.

Day to day make up is then compressed and summarized in repetitive acts, symbols of passing time and overconsumption.

Average time 45 min during exhibitions.


2014 - Monomaniacs, pop up exhibition, Brussels.

SisterArt asbl Non profit organisation