A short dance film depicting the metaphor of everyday urban life, a parable of life's trials and tribulations, an evocation of the myth of Sisyphus.

Consciousness transformations require to change habits, otherwise life stagnate even though there is movement. 

Centrum is a metaphor of a rotational inertia, this is why it is built as a never-ending loop. The myth of Sisyphus is embodied by a protagonist shattered by forces from the four cardinal points, who defends herself, endures and tirelessly begins again. 

Centrum is a parable of life's trials and tribulations, and a life in unstable balance.

In the center

A body dances

Life in motion

One protagonist

Sober and dignified

Cardinal points

Facing forces

Winds and storms

A chock that initiates

Parable of trials

And for tomorrow ?

Repetitive, instrumental

Begin again



  • Type : Short arthouse indie movie

  • Genre : Screendance

  • Dancer : Béa Debrabant

  • Director : Laure Gervais

  • Production : SisterArt non-profit organisation, Brussels

  • Camera : Lucas Ruyssen

  • Editing : Timo Sempels

  • Coloring : Lucien Keller

  • Sound design : Philippe Malempré

  • DATE 06 2024

  • DURATION 13 min 19 sec

  • Possible installation loop

    ©Laure Gervais ©SisterArt Collective

SisterArt asbl Non profit organisation