BIOSIS, states


Multimedia installation and performance of the SisterArt and LMCK collective. This creation has taken different forms since 2009. The theme of the work is the power of the mass media and the subjugation of thought in an apocalyptic universe.

Initially BIOSIS,states was a multimedia installation and a performance, presented below. In 2015 SisterArt transformed the artwork into photographs and video installations.


Design / production: Laure Gervais

  • Androgynous figure / performer: Catherine Nowak
  • Voice over : Jean-Gobert De Coster
  • Cameraman : Maxence Thiberge
  • Edition : Pascal Haas
  • Costume : Clotilde François
  • Plexiglass installations : Maria Dukers
  • Creation / production : SisterArt & collective LMCK (2009-2012)

Four simultaneous projections, variable duration.

Presentations & exhibitions

2015 - Food For Your Senses Festival, Art Exhibition, Luxembourg.

2010 - Live Performance, private circle, 30 people, Brussels.

SisterArt asbl Non profit organisation