Experimental arthouse movie & installation, 2009 is about Ophelia or the place of women in the heart of men, chaos, time, life, death, the human condition...


  • Production/author: Laure Gervais
  • Female figure: Catherine Nowak
  • Voiceover: Darleen Tana
  • Sound editing: Francis Depuydt
  • Editing picture: Pascal Haas
  • Creation: SisterArt
  • Duration 00:06:33

Ephemeral video installation - Academy of Fine Arts of Watermael-Boitsfort, Brussels, 2009.


Part I. Materia Prima. It is the time, the life and the water that flow always and again with intense moments, sharp vibrations.

Part II. Cosmos News. State of the matter before the organization of the world, chaos or processes of combustion and growth.

Part III. After all we are only human, Ophelia! Here it is about men and the human condition, love, all that is futile and superficial, all that is deep and lost ... and then, all over again. 

"O heat, dry up my brains ! Tears seven times salt, burn out the sense and virtue of mine eye! "

Act IV. Scene V. Hamlet. William Shakespeare.

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